Thursday, 6 November 2014

Infertility Dilemmas among Indian Youth: Shame and Confusion Prevails in Modern India

When you think about infertility, it is almost impossible to imagine young couples suffering from any such problem. But, the reality is always far from what we've imagined or dreamed of.  Young couples are at equal risks of infertility as other age groups, and they’re more prone to falling victims of embarrassment and guilt. They are also less likely to seek specialist advice.

According to the latest reports of childlessness in India has risen by 50 per cent since 1981, and infertility has seemed to entrap even the young individuals who are least likely to take interest in such issues.

The pace seems to be higher in the urban settings where lifestyle changes have been more rampant and visible.  And for the rural landscape, it is plagued by an absence of reproductive health services.  It could be concluded that our country is on the brink of an infertility crisis.

Coming back to our younger folks, the problem seems to be the consequence of poor lifestyle choices. If you don’t believe us, take a look around. You’ll not be surprised to find out young guys and girls smoking and drinking. The irony is that these choices are labeled as something hip and cool.

An increasing number of obese individuals are also adding to the crisis. And an obese person is highly likely to suffer from health disorders. Although obesity is frowned upon, a large number of youngsters are unable to rid their bodies of the excess weight.  

If you any young couple or individual are unable to conceive naturally, they have to battle embarrassment. It is a known fact that social stigma is attached to infertility. Our society has always believed that it is our duty to have children. No matter how ridiculous this may sound, such beliefs refuse to die. And for a young mind, infertility easily changes in depression and hopelessness.

As the cases of infertility soars, there is a dire need to spread awareness about infertility and ways to prevent it. As more young people get educated, infertility can be prevented. And for young individuals already battling infertility, there is no need to lose heart. Thanks to the advancement in medical technology, infertility is no longer a roadblock for enjoying parenthood. The only advice for young people is to be responsible and have a healthy lifestyle.


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